Matthew Becker

Thriller Author


Everyone in town has heard the tale, even transplants like detective Denver Cope.

When a young woman is found hanging in room 8 of Gadsby’s Tavern, a long black veil covering her face, he instantly knows. A killer has recreated Old Town Alexandria’s most famous ghost story.

The jumper found on the lawn of another historic landmark is less obvious. Not until a note from the killer surfaces. Only then does Detective Cope realize he has a serial killer on his hands. One obsessed with ghosts.

Private eye Martha Black is on the trail of a missing college student, last known whereabouts the same tavern that is now a crime scene. When she learns his parents also received a note, she and Cope combine efforts. But is the missing boy the killer or another victim?

With no perceptible pattern and plenty of ghost stories to go, fear brings the town to a near standstill. When the violence hits too close to home Martha has to lean on all of her skills to stop a killer intent on digging up every single ghost from the past.

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